Not All Print Shops Are Created Equal (online and locally)

Posted on April 16, 2010


When sending your business cards or any other artwork to the printers, one key thing to remember is that not all print shops have the same production pipeline.

For example in the Pre-press/Digital Pre-press Stage (getting the artwork ready for press)…

When doing a file submission online or even in person, some print shops demand a PDF + All source files such as font files (ttf, otf, postscript font) + original files (PSD/AI/INDD/TIFF). In my experience, a PDF with fonts embedded is enough.

Also, some print shops will also have different sheet sizes because of the type of press that they use. If you don’t comply with their specifications, they will reject your submission.

Always assume that each print shop will have different standards and ask them before submitting your artwork. Saves time and money. AND DON’T FORGET YOUR BLEEDS (if you have them).

– Jae

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