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Doing Business as a Designer: Building Your Business One Day at a Time

June 30, 2010


This post is especially aimed at you younger voracious designers who are starting up. Sure, you’d like your design business to attract a lot of clients. And… sure, you’d want your design business to be the best there is, FAST. The truth is; business is about process. Every bit of a business has sub processes […]

Doing Business as a Designer: Get Yourself a Mentor

June 29, 2010


Want to develop your design business faster? Looking for new opportunity in other markets? Is there too much competition in your area of design expertise? Do you lack direction when it comes to starting your design business? Do you feel lost or overwhelmed in starting your design business? Do you want strong leadership that will […]

Doing Business as a Designer: Get Help Now

June 28, 2010


Another popular misconception about business owners/entrepreneurs is that “they did it all by themselves” or “she’s a self made millionaire.” Very rarely this is the case and more likely far from the truth. Just look at Google: Sergey and Larry needed investor backing and strong leadership advice to bring their ideas into materialization. They did […]

Doing Business as a Designer: The Intensifying Price Wars

June 25, 2010


Another reason why the “price wars” are intensifying in the design arena is that newbie freelancers (aka amateurs) don’t understand the economics of their services nor do they care to. Therefore they will drop their prices below a de facto “industry standard.” And of course, the customers win although the amateurs also “think” they win. […]

Doing Business as a Designer: Work & Life Balance

June 24, 2010


No, this is not an article on tips about how to maintain a work-life balance. Rather, an examination. Every designer I’ve met who owns a business has a different stance on the “Work-Life” balance equation. With so many factors, how can a business owner manage? This was a big deal for me when I was […]

Doing Business as a Designer: But There’s Too Much Competition!

June 23, 2010


Of course there is. And too often do I hear this from many of the design and freelancer blogs out there. If you are always aiming for the “general market” where there is a lot of “opportunity”, guess what? There are a lot of “generalist” designers and chances are most of them are freelancers also […]

Doing Business as a Designer: Give It All You’ve Got

June 22, 2010


This article is meant for you designers, who are on fence, are 50/50 or standing in the “gray” when it comes to committing to your own venture. No, I’m not looking to persuade you and certainly not telling you what is right or what is wrong. But I’m for certain that you must give it […]