Doing Business as a Designer: The Price Wars

Posted on June 18, 2010


A topic that is frequently mentioned in the design industry is the “price wars” game. And too often, the economy is almost always mentioned.

Before the age of the internet and of powerful computers with ingenious software, the design industry had very fewer amateurs. The industry was driven by those who sought design related education. Only a few entered this industry through raw talent or self study.

Today, anybody can be a designer. All it takes is curiosity.

8 years ago, YouTube launched. Now everyone is a videographer and motion graphics guru.

10 years ago, blogs started to become popular. Now everyone is a journalist and an author.

12 years ago, Deviant Art was launched. Now everyone is a designer and an artist.

Amateurs are everywhere: software is easily accessible, websites are the publishing platforms, and curiosity is the motivator. Very few evolve into professionals.

What’s the difference between an amateur who bids on price versus a professional?

Professional designers solve problems where amateurs cannot because they have a sustainable competitive advantage.

Amateur designers do business with amateur clients.

Professionals do business with professional clients.

Its not wrong being an amateur, but its wrong for a professional to regress back into “amateurhood”.

Where do you see yourself?

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