Doing Business as a Designer: Give It All You’ve Got

Posted on June 22, 2010


This article is meant for you designers, who are on fence, are 50/50 or standing in the “gray” when it comes to committing to your own venture.

No, I’m not looking to persuade you and certainly not telling you what is right or what is wrong.

But I’m for certain that you must give it all you’ve got, should you enter this realm.

Neo took the red pill. (The Matrix)
Frodo chose to carry the ring. (Lord of the Rings)
Luke decided to become a Jedi master. (Star Wars)
Vincent became a “borrowed ladder” so he can become an astronaut. (Gattaca)
Chris made a commitment to becoming a stock broker. (The Pursuit of Happiness)

Each of these movies share a common theme: the crossing of a threshold.

Each of the characters had a lot of personal leverage to make a life changing decision for a better way of life.

Each of the characters fought against themselves to solidify a life long change.

And each of these characters gave it all they’ve got.

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