Doing Business as a Designer: But There’s Too Much Competition!

Posted on June 23, 2010


Of course there is.

And too often do I hear this from many of the design and freelancer blogs out there.

If you are always aiming for the “general market” where there is a lot of “opportunity”, guess what? There are a lot of “generalist” designers and chances are most of them are freelancers also trying to cash in. This contributes to the “price war” most designers complain about and the only one who wins is the customer.

I’m on my way to the stadium to watch a soccer game. I know there’s going to be traffic on the freeways and especially in downtown. Take the back roads? Some roads have been closed off due to the event but most have traffic anyway.

What’s the best thing to do? Take the city rail into downtown. I save an hour (win) and don’t have to pay $20 for parking (win). I already won two times. If my team wins, I win three times!

Same thing applies in business. When you get to know a target market very well, you can get more business and faster. It won’t be competitor free but there is far less of it.


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