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Doing Business as a Designer: The archetypes in starting a business

June 21, 2010


I have met a lot of aspiring artists who dream of owning a design business. Some talk the talk but very few can walk the walk.Listed below are the typical designer archetypes when it comes to starting a business. Which one are you? The Waiter – These are the artists who wait for the sun, […]

Doing Business as a Designer: The Price Wars

June 18, 2010


A topic that is frequently mentioned in the design industry is the “price wars” game. And too often, the economy is almost always mentioned. Before the age of the internet and of powerful computers with ingenious software, the design industry had very fewer amateurs. The industry was driven by those who sought design related education. […]

Doing Business as a Designer: Defining Your Competitive Advantage

June 17, 2010


Nathan, a 21 year old graphic designer from San Diego, just graduated with a Bachelors Degree from SDSU. I met Nathan at an artist networking Meetup and we started talking about the world of design. Gradually the conversation started to evolve into business matters. He was very excited about going into business for himself but […]

Doing Business as a Designer: Focus on Selling

June 16, 2010


About three months ago, my friend Anya (a designer of many talents) posts on Twitter that she wants to transition from part time freelancing to doing a full time business. I knew that she was accustomed to getting business from referrals because I have been sending most her freelance jobs. So I tweeted back “Don’t […]

“I have to do it.”

June 15, 2010


versus… “I want to do it.” There is a distinct difference in the two. “Have” is forcing your will. “Want” is a free will.

Doing Business as a Designer: Startup Business Cycles

June 15, 2010


In my last post, Doing Business as a Designer: How do I get more repeat business?, I explained that by asking the right questions in the first place, you will be able to solve their problems and produce remarkable results which increases your chance to get repeat business from them. So what kind of repeat […]

Doing Business as a Designer: How do I get more repeat business?

June 14, 2010


In my last post, The Hunter and Gatherer Mentality, I summarized short term and long term efforts in acquiring new customers. Once you acquire new customers, getting business from them will be much easier. They know you and trust you. How do I get more repeat business? The best advice I can give: Identify their […]