Doing Business as a Designer: What’s Your Stance

Posted on July 2, 2010


When a potential customer asks “Why should I hire you over Anna, whose services are a lot cheaper than yours?” how are you going to respond?

A. I can give you a better price than Anna can and generate the best design at the same time

B. My services generate long lasting value to your product or service as a result from my expertise in identifying and solving specific problems

Both are contingent upon your ability to perform but in very different contexts with very different long term effects.

If you chose A, your performance is contingent on how fast you work so you don’t lose money. Most likely, you will rely on a vast array of premade content, trends, and techniques. However, you have less time to contemplate a solution.

If you chose B, your ability to solve specific problems is more likely to result in returning more business. Your methods are sophisticated and specific, allowing you to maintain a certain level of creative freedom. However if you don’t generate those said results, you have just lost a customer.

Both have their advantages in the marketplace. Just be sure you are the best at what you’re doing.