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Doing Business as a Designer: Setting Expectations

July 20, 2010


Cameron (my client) did two shows (he’s a DJ): one on Friday and Saturday. On both days he was relying on two freelancers, a photographer and another DJ for the bar room. The photographer’s job is to capture the moment of club goers while the second DJ plays other types of music other than Top […]

Doing Business as a Designer: When You Start Giving Away Your Hats

July 8, 2010


As freelancers or business owners, obviously we play multiple roles such sales, marketing, administration, customer service, accountant, programmer, developer, and designer. But one day, you’re going to make a strong push to get more business or to handle a higher-than-average consistent workload. So what type of people would you hire? Someone who you could command […]

Doing Business as a Designer: Who are you designing for?

July 6, 2010


When you pay a taxi cab driver to get you from point A to point B, their job is to get you there safely and quickly. Their methods are based on: Knowing the routes intimately How traffic flows at different parts of the day Navigating through traffic without having to spill your coffee And then […]

Doing Business as a Designer: What’s Your Stance

July 2, 2010


When a potential customer asks “Why should I hire you over Anna, whose services are a lot cheaper than yours?” how are you going to respond? A. I can give you a better price than Anna can and generate the best design at the same time B. My services generate long lasting value to your […]

Doing Business as a Designer: Building Your Business One Day at a Time

June 30, 2010


This post is especially aimed at you younger voracious designers who are starting up. Sure, you’d like your design business to attract a lot of clients. And… sure, you’d want your design business to be the best there is, FAST. The truth is; business is about process. Every bit of a business has sub processes […]

Doing Business as a Designer: Get Yourself a Mentor

June 29, 2010


Want to develop your design business faster? Looking for new opportunity in other markets? Is there too much competition in your area of design expertise? Do you lack direction when it comes to starting your design business? Do you feel lost or overwhelmed in starting your design business? Do you want strong leadership that will […]

Doing Business as a Designer: But There’s Too Much Competition!

June 23, 2010


Of course there is. And too often do I hear this from many of the design and freelancer blogs out there. If you are always aiming for the “general market” where there is a lot of “opportunity”, guess what? There are a lot of “generalist” designers and chances are most of them are freelancers also […]